Strength is the most overlooked component of health.

Getting stronger not only improves your brain and your body, it improves virtually every activity you engage in. When you get stronger, you can live better, longer and on your own terms.

If you've never been strong, you can start any age. If you were once strong, you can get strong again.

Let us show you how.


  • How to perform the Back Squat, Deadlift and Press
  • How to prepare and protect your torso/spine for movement
  • How to safely and efficiently pick up, put down, and use any barbell
  • How to move your body safely and efficiently for each exercise
  • How to breathe properly during each movement
  • Common errors for each movement and how to correct them
  • How to safely modify exercises for beginners with movement limitations


We teach simple strength training using safe, natural movements and a barbell. The natural movements mirror the ways you move (or should move) out in the world. They include:

Whether you're getting out bed, sitting down onto or getting up off a chair, using the toilet, tying your shoe laces, life asks you to squat almost every day. As you get older and weaker, this gets harder.

Bending Over: 

Placing a package on the ground, feeding your dog, picking-up the keys you dropped, hugging your shorter partner or kids. These are some of the common daily activities that require you to bend over.


Pressing refers to any movements where you must raise your arm(s) over your head: e.g. Putting items up on a shelf, placing your luggage in an overhead rack, tossing kids around in a pool, flagging down your waiter, etc.

Of course, the squat, deadlift, and press are also staple movements for just about every athlete, every sport, and every occupation that requires physical performance. Without exception, athletes and workers of all ages should learn to get strong in these movements.

Available Sessions in 2020


Sunday, February 16

    Sunday, April 26
Sunday, July 19

Sunday, October 18

Time: 10:00am - 12:30pm

Location: Waxman's Gym, 15701 Condon Avenue, Lawndale, CA

Price: 1 person: $89 | 2 people: $159 (save $10 each)

Is the Clinic Right for Me?

Read below to see if this event is a good fit for you

Right for you if...

  • You are physically active, but not strong
  • You aren't very active, and want to change that
  • You work at a desk or computer
  • You play sports
  • You want to live life on your own terms

Not right for you if...

  • Being weak is OK with you
  • Moving poorly is OK with you
  • You consider routine exercise "too much work"
  • You don't think getting older will affect you
  • You think you already know it all


If you're ready to get stronger using safe, natural movements and a barbell, you don't want to miss this course. Participation is limited for MAXIMAL INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION. If you want to ensure your spot, don't delay.

About Sean Waxman

Sean Waxman is the head coach and owner of Waxman's Gym. He is recognized nationally and internationally for teaching safe, efficient and gimmick-free barbell technique. In addition to working with high-level athletes, Sean works daily with exercisers of all ages who wish to move better and improve their health & fitness. Sean is one of the most sought after coaching educators for USA Weightlifting and has taught his methods to thousands of people.